Discover Italy with our food and wine pairing tool

The food and wine pairing tool

Italy is a breath-taking country filled with history, culture and tradition with arguably its defining characteristic being its food. The pastas, sauces and luxurious wines are a delight wherever you visit, though you may not realise just the variety that Italy has to offer.

You may have ‘eaten Italian’, but what about Sicilian, Sardinian or Tuscan?

That is where our new Fine Wine and Food Pairer comes in.


It’s the twenty regions of Italy that bring a wonderful variety to its cuisine, each one specialising in its own variety of wine and signature dish that go together perfectly.

Browse the country as a whole, or search for a specific region and we’ll give you the premier dish for you to make at home and the wine to enjoy with it to give you the authentic experience no matter where you choose.

From soups and fondues to succulent lamb and sausage, there’s always something new to try.

But why keep these superb recipes just to yourself?

We recommend getting your close family and friends over to eat as the Italians do, with a wealth of dishes and choices while catching up with old friends.

Rather than just one recipe, pick and choose your favourites to create an evening of fine Italian dining for your guests, starting with Piedmont’s Bagna Càuda and Valle d’Aosta’s Zuppetta di Cogne  before settling into Basilicata’s Orecchiette alla Potentina and Tuscany’s Stracotto alla Fiorentina. Of course, each dish has its own wine, so be sure to prepare some glasses to enjoy and taster session in the comfort of your own home.

Let us know which region’s local cuisine you’ll be enjoying – or your favourite wine and food pair – by getting in touch with us on Twitter: @TuscanyNow