Things to do in Italy in September

Sweet September Celebrations

September is for many one of the most beautiful and most rewarding times to visit Italy. The summer has worked its magic on the countryside and fresh produce floods into the shops and markets sending purveyors of the famous la cucina Toscana the, so called, ‘peasant’ cuisine into overdrive!  September is also a great time to join the celebrations at the many festivals, processions and religious observances that mark this very special time of year.

For gastronomes this is certainly a great time to dine out in Tuscany and, indeed, right across the country, as the finest ingredients are picked and pulled from the land and head directly to your plate! For lovers of culture the easing of the summer heat means city tours are your passport to a treasure chest of history, whilst the festivals and processions offer a fun-loving insight into the authentic heart of Italy.

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Event calendar in Tuscany and beyond!

  • Mirò! Dream and Colour:

From April 11th to September 17th, Palazzo Albergati will host over 130 works of legendary surrealist artist Joan Mirò. The exhibition will feature a series of oil paintings, drawing and sculptures which root his identity, exploring his transgressive, and wild nature.

  • Biennale Arte 2017:

From the 13th of May to the 26th of November Venice will host the 57th Biennale International Art Exhibition, one of the world’s most renowned and recognized contemporary visual art exhibitions. The art exhibition this year titled,  VIVA ART VIVA,  seeks to unfold the works of  around 120 artists, whom debate, explore and  decipher the language of contemporary art.

September in Italy
  • Venice Film Festival:

(30th August- 9th September): This year will mark the 74th edition of Venice Film Festival, one of the oldest and most renowned international film festival’s in the world. This annual event intends to promote and raise awareness of various aspects of the international cinema to the public, and to this day maintains its reputation and values.

  • MITO International Music Festival :

(3rd September-21st September): During the month of September, Milano and Torino host a series of musical performances, honouring various diverse genres of music and international artists. This year marks the 10th anniversary   with a total of 140 concerts focusing on nature as heir central theme.

Mito Settember musica

  • Regatta Storica:

Sunday 3rd marks an important date for the Venetians, as one of Italy’s most important regattas takes place. Originating in the 13th century, the regatta commences with a beautiful ceremony where flamboyantly decorated 16th century boats  carry the Dodge and other higher ranking officials  along the grand canal of Venice followed by a fabulous multi-coloured parade. After the parade  four races based on the age and type of boat type follows with all manner of craft  eager to make it to the finish line.

  • Festival of Madonna of the sea:

(September 10th): On the second Sunday of the month, a Sicilian village called Patti honours their Madonna by holding a procession which leads into the sea. The golden statue of the saint is carried down to the sea where it’s floating carriage awaits, she is placed on an illuminated boat which leads the boat procession. Wine, food and dancing follows lasing into the night.

  • Luminara di Santa Croce:

Every year on September 13th, Lucca hosts a religious ritual which dates back to the 8th Century. A holy candle lit procession takes place, also known as Luminara, within which candles and lights flow from the streets and alleyways of Lucca. To end the night a beautiful firework display takes place, illuminating the sky, followed by a series of different musical events and performances, not to mention local vendors selling delicacies from the region.

  • Burano Regatta:

(September 17th): This regatta is otherwise known as the ‘return match’ for the Regatta Storica, a chance for competitors to win back and claim victory.  The regatta takes place in-front of Burano and is divided into three categories where all children, women and men can compete against one another.