Things to do in Italy in March

Discover Italy with a spring in your step…

As the warmer weather approaches so does the rich spring event calendar in Tuscany and beyond, crammed with fairs and festivities to mark the end of winter and with an eye on the summer that is just around the corner. This a beautiful period of the year in Italy – one not to miss due to the exceptional seasonal produce on offer.

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Enjoy all March Events

Event calendar in Tuscany and beyond!

  • Primavera dei Vini:

Each successive weekend from the March 5th to March 23rd a town 50 miles from Milan called Rovescala hosts a festival in celebration of its local Bonarda wine.  The surrounding hills are home to the many farms which produce the regions famous wine, and with its near extinction, this festival is an excuse to celebrate the local tradition.

  • Festa della Donna: 

On the 8th of March, Italians celebrate women, by presenting the women in their lives, with a yellow mimosa.  Alongside, many museums in large towns and cities will allow women the possibility to visit free of charge.

  • Taste12 (March 11th-March 13th):

Held annually at the historic Stazione Leopolda in Florence, this fair is dedicated to excellence in taste and food. Attending are top figures in the gastronomic and catering trade along with the public who share a passion for food. Here one can explore the Italian cuisine, ranges of products such as wine, cold meats, honey, cheese, beer, chocolate and other infinite Italian treasures.

  •  Caesar’s Death:

March 15th is recognised by the Romans as a national holiday, as they remeber their great emperor, Giulio Cesare.  Cultural events take place in the Roman Forum, a historical site where plenty of activities and delicious goods are available to the public. Immerse yourself in the re- enactment of his death at the Torre Argentina site, where his assassination took place.

  • Saint Patrick’s day (March 17th):

Although Italy doesn’t honour the patron saint plenty of cities and towns are roaming with foreigners who are keen to throw a good party. Scout out your local town or city for any activities, Florence is packed, whether Old Stove in Piazza della Republica or Tartan Jack Scottish in Santa Croce.

  •  Palio dei Somari (March 19th):

Not to be confused with Palio di Siena, this race is held in the providence of Siena in Torrita di Siena. The usual horses are traded in for donkeys which are just as entertaining and there is also a beautiful historic parade to conclude the race.