Things to do in Italy in June

June marks the beginning of the magical Italian summer; the country seems to come alive with renewed vigour and plenty of events lining the calendar. With beautiful weather and an incredible choice of art, history and leisure, this is one of the most sought-after periods to visit the spectacular country, so don’t miss you chance and enquire for late availability and some special offers.


Kandinsky to Pollock:The Art of the Guggenheim Collections:

From the 19th of March till the 24th of July, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, is hosting a major exhibition brings over one hundred masterpieces from the 1920s-1960′s to the streets of Florence. European masters such as Duchamp, Picasso, Fontana along with American personalities such as Calder, Lichtenstein and Pollock will be revealed, “creating a narrative that re-constructs the relationship and ties between the two sides of the Atlantic” (Lucca Barbero, Palazzo Strozzi)


Gelato Festival:

From the 21st of April to the 2nd of June the annual ice-cream festival will be touring Italy, stopping in Florence, Parma, Rome, Naples, Turin and Milan. This event intends to raise awareness of the Italian origins of ice-cream and visitors have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about ice-cream from the history to the secret ingredients, however the real learning starts when your taste buds take over.


Palio delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare (June 6th-June 7th ):

The 61st edition of this eight-oared galleon race will take place in Amalfi, where competing teams; Pisa, Amalfi, Genoa and Venice reenact a historical event that took place in 1955. Before the race begins, a beautiful historical parade takes place where the boaters line the streets with flowers, flags, trumpets, drums and horses.


Calcio Storico:

Dating back to the 1500′s where rules didn’t exist, emerged the historical and ruthless Calcio Storico. On June 13th, 14th & 24th the square of Santa Croce in Florence becomes a battleground, where supporters can be heard cheering from all ends of the city. Take part in this crowd, whether you want to support or simply experience the aura of this incredible event.

Opera di verona

Opera di Verona:

June 24th commemorates the opening of the 2,000 year old the roman amphitheater Opera di Verona, in Piazza Bra. As a tradition, on the day a series of performances take place, this year it will feature the classic, Carmen followed by Aida on the 25th. The opera will remain open till August 28th, hosting a variety of different shows.


Regatta of Saint Ranieri:

On the 17th of June the Pisani (Pisa locals) honour their patron saint, San Ranieri, with a regatta which is held in the evening. The four ancient districts of the city compete in a 1500 metre race along the Arno river.


Corpus Domini (June 19th):

Sixty days after Easter, Catholics celebrate Corpus Domini- a religious solemnity to honour the Eucharist. Florence holds a spectacular feast which begins with a procession from the Duomo, where the Eucharistic bread is carried throughout the streets of Florence. Following are celebrations and festivities all throughout the city streets. Other cities and towns in Italy celebrate, so make sure you ask around the neighbouring towns, villages or cities.


Saint John the Baptist Day:

On June 24th June, Florence honour their patron saint, Saint John the Baptist. A beautiful procession commences in the morning at Palazzo Vecchio and ends at the Baptistery, and alongside this various festivities and events surround this entire week. Make sure you don’t miss out on ‘Calcio Storico’, ‘Notturna di San Giovanni Marathon’ and of course the spectacular firework display over Florence.

saint John procession

Procession of St. John the Baptist’s Ashes (June 23rd):

Genoa says to have the real ashes belonging to Saint John, and therefore on the eve of the 24th Genoa commemorates and celebrates with music in the piazzas, local stalls and more. At midnight a bonfire is lit in the main city square, however the real excitement takes place on the 24th; The procession takes place and an arc containing the saint’s relics is carried from San Lorenzo’s Cathedral to Porto Antico.