Things to do in Italy in April

Savour the springtime

Summer is just around the corner but the sunshine has already begun in Italy, and so has the event calendar which offers plenty to see and do in this beautiful period of the year. You can enjoy the genuine taste and feel of any area you visit, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the high-season. Contact us to find-out availability for the spring and summer, or plan ahead for 2018!

Event calendar in Tuscany and beyond!

April Events

  • Electronic Renaissance: :

From March 10th to July 23rd, Palazzo Strozzi will feature an exhibition on the master of video art, Bill Viola. Viola is a contemporary video artist, whose work explores electronic, sound, and image technology within New Media. The exhibition titled Electronic Renaissance will allow you to explore his early experimental work from the 70’s up to his monumental pieces of the 21st century, celebrating his special relationship with the magical city of Florence.

  • Rome Marathon (April 2nd):

What better way to discover Rome if not on foot? Even better, why not whilst running in the annual marathon? The competitive 42km race winds through some of the most treasured and beautiful spots, including the Vatican and the Coliseum. For those who would rather enjoy the site-seeing at a slower pace, the ‘romafun’ takes place after.

  • Taste12 (March 11th-March 13th):

Held annually at the historic Stazione Leopolda in Florence, this fair is dedicated to excellence in taste and food. Attending are top figures in the gastronomic and catering trade along with the public who share a passion for food. Here one can explore the Italian cuisine, ranges of products such as wine, cold meats, honey, cheese, beer, chocolate and other infinite Italian treasures.

  • Sagra del Carciofo (April 7th-April 9th):

Ladispoli’s annual artichoke festival is a mouthwatering event offering visitors the endless possibilities and dishes surrounding this spectacular plant. The Romanesco is the principal artichoke and throughout the day you can find cooking classes and competitions, stalls selling artichoke based dishes and much more to keep yourself and your family and friends entertained.

  • Mirò! Dream and Colour:

From April 11th to September 17th, Palazzo Albergati will host over 130 works of legendary surrealist artist Joan Mirò. The exhibition will feature a series of oil paintings, drawing and sculptures which root his identity, exploring his transgressive, and wild nature.

  • Rome’s birthday:

It’s a known fact that Romans know how to party, but when it comes down to their cities own birthday, they go all out. Every year on the 21st of April the city becomes more alive than ever before, all museums, archaeological sites and monuments are open to the public all day for free and music, food, wine and dancing can be found on every corner, not to mention dancing in Piazza del Campidoglio. To end the spectacular evening, a beautiful firework display takes place over the Tiber, a slice of perfection before ending the serata (evening).

  • Sagra del Ciambellino (April 23rd):

Following from Easter, Sinalunga holds one of Italy’s sweetest festivals, festival of the donut. This particular mini-donut is a typical sweet of the Valdichiana Senese (a province of Siena), and is so delicate that it can be enjoyed whether soaked in Vin Santo, Coffee or Cappuccino.

  • Saint Marks (April 25th): (also known as the Rosebud Festival)

On this day the Venetians honor their patron saint of notaries, San Marco, through the giving of a rose (by the men) to their loved one. Along with this is an important festival that takes place in Saint Mark’s square, local handcrafted objects can be bought along with food, wine and much more.