Why We Love Tuscany

There is no better way to explore a region than taking recommendations from friends, family, and those that have experienced it first-hand. Why do all of the hard work wasting precious holiday time, when you can discover the nooks and crannies from someone in the know!

We spoke to experienced Tuscan traveller and writer of NoDestinations.com, Danika Garlotta, about her experiences and what she could recommend. Does this sound like your perfect Tuscan retreat?


Could you start off by providing a little bit of background on your experiences in Tuscany!

We stayed in Florence for about a month and during our time there we took many day trips to various regions of Tuscany. We went to Lucca, areas of Siena, including San Gimignano. We would hop on the train and then just get off as close to the city centre as we could.


All the areas we visited were great for walking around and we would just get lost in the city. We would walk in and out of churches, grab pizza and a bottle of wine and just take it all in.


What is it about Tuscany that you love?

I loved the historic buildings, the cobblestone streets and looking as far as you can see – and only seeing rolling hills. Although each town we visited was unique, Tuscany as a whole is just so romantic and beautiful to see.

Where is your favourite place to go in Tuscany? and why is it that you love this place?

San Gimignano was my favourite area of Tuscany. I loved how this small medieval village was perched on top of a hill with its skyline of towers rising from the Tuscan countryside. The town was pretty small so it was really easy to visit in a day (or a half day). After walking around for an hour or so, we got a pizza and a bottle of wine and sat in the town square and just watched people walk by.


What advice would you give to people going on holiday in Tuscany or traveling through the region?

Ensure that you visit a winery tour, and don’t be afraid to get lost in the individual towns and scenic landscape. Also try to visit as many areas as you can. My only regret is that we didn’t take more day trips from Florence. Next time we’ll plan to stay in the towns longer and see more areas


If you have shared any similar experiences of Tuscany to Danika – or would like to tell us about your own regional loves – we’d love to hear from you on our Twitter: @TuscanyNow