Buon san valentino! Italian voted the most romantic cuisine

Italian named the cuisine of romance this Valentine’s Day

Recipes from a Pantry

Recipes from a Pantry

With Valentine’s Day looming, we knew some of you would be trying to plan a last minute romantic night for your other half. To help you, we decided to ask the UK what they thought was the most romantic cuisine.

Italian came out on top with an overwhelming two in five (42%) of Brits agreeing this was the food of love. But before you start rushing to the phone to book a romantic Italian meal, we also found that two thirds of brits will be opting for a romantic night in wining and dining their loved ones.

We were a little surprised to find that even though Italian is seen as the romantic cuisine, steak and chips is the most popular Valentine’s dish. So, to add some Italian class, we suggest trying a classic steak from Florence, Bistecca alla fiorentina. This steak is generally shared between at least two people in Italy, making it perfect for your romantic meal. If you want to add some wine to the mix, pair with Chianti Classico red wine.


A special Valentine’s night in isn’t just about the food, so we have designed a quiz to help you find out how romantic you are when it comes to dinner settings. Are you a traditional romantic with candles everywhere or do you prefer to go al fresco?